Mindfulness in Motion


“There are many ways up the mountain and each of us must choose a practice that feels true to our heart.”

Jack Kornfield


My personal journey towards a more mindful way of life started with movement, with mindfulness of the body. This is still central to my own study and daily meditation practice, which continues to develop and evolve.


Whether your interest is in mindfulness is for health and wellbeing, developing insight or simply building a more balanced life, the work we do together can help.


All the training is founded in centuries old Zen Buddhist mindfulness practices and is built on principles derived from contemporary neuroscience research.


There are a range of training pathways that you can tailor to meet your needs so you can find ways to explore mindfulness that fit with both your own personal interests and lifestyle.


Have a look inside and if any of this interests you, come along to some events, make contact or email me for more information and join me on the journey.


Hope to see you soon,