The benefits of mindfulness


People are drawn to mindfulness for a range of reasons including the wish to


  • Be Happier

  • Break habitual patterns

  • Respond more effectively to complex situations.

  • See situations more clearly

  • Become more creative

  • Be more balanced

  • Be more resilient at work and at home


Research has shown that practising mindfulness can lead to significant benefits in all these areas.


Be Happier


If you are constantly thinking about difficult things from the past or worrying about the future, then you will tend to be less happy. Well, that seems like common sense.


But what about thinking about the nice things that have happened or looking forward to that wonderful holiday you have planned?


Actually, whilst people are happier when thinking about something they would describe as pleasant, they are happier still when focussed on the present moment – even when that moment is less than their ideal.


Living your real life, right now, however it is, will lead to more happiness than any imaginary ‘better life’!


Matt Killingsworth, TedX 2012 Cambridge described it as being:

“Like putting a coin in a slot machine where your options are to lose $50, $20, or $1, you would never want to play”



Mindfulness training with it’s focus on developing present focused awareness can really help in this and may be just what you need to start being happier today!


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