What we do together

There is an increasing body of evidence which shows that mindfulness and flow are physiological states that promote optimum performance, awareness and well-being and decrease negative states like depression, anxiety, nervousness and indecision.



Working together, we will integrate traditional Zen practices with your own experienced based learning and utilising the most robust research on the cutting edge of neuroscience, find simple and effective ways to help you to apply this in your everyday life.


I believe that most people can benefit from this and everyone who could should have that opportunity. Driven by my social values, my mission is to find innovative ways to do this that are accessible to everyone, not just those who can afford to pay or the gifted, high performing elite in sports, business and the arts.


There are four themes to the approach:





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Mindfulness has proven benefits in increasing resilience and the ability to function in the face of the most difficult life challenges.


Flow states have been linked to high performance in both people’s work and personal life and have been seen at the heart of people’s most creative and rewarding experiences.

Common to both is a complete engagement with the present moment, outside of the background regrets about the past or anxieties about the future


Increasingly we have a clearer understanding of exactly what is going on in the brain when we have these experiences and there is also now a clear body of evidence that these responses can be learned and developed.